Formazione in Africa

Department of State USA

Social SolutionInternational,Inc

Association “Casa Famiglia Rosetta”  NGO

Training on drugs abuse and treatment program  

addressed to operators from African countries:
Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania e  Mozambique

      First  Session 6th  -20th ,  April 2008;  Second Session 11th -25th  May 2008


The Department of State, United States of America, Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, in collaboration with Association “Casa Famiglia Rosetta” NGO,

Alvarez & Associates LLC and  Social Solutions International (SSi),  is organizing a training on the field of prevention and the treatment of the drug abuse in favour of some Nations of Africa.



In recent years, AfricaAmericaEurope, it has become more and more a place of production and organization of the illicit traffics. and has been subjected to a fast change within the drug abuse and the illicit traffic of substances. In fact from  a simple area of transit of the illicit traffic from the Asian countries towards

This new situation, with the strong urbanization, consequent to the abandonment of the rural areas, reveals at the same time an increase of drug consumption, contemporary to  the spread of the AIDS as social problem. It is  necessary an educational approach  with the aim to prepare professionals who can be able to transfer their knowledge in the field of the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the drug addicts.



    The training project aims to achieve the following main objective:

·       the creation of a care-group of professionals who can implement the diffusion of “best practices” in their respective Countries.


The training is addressed to 20 managers, counsellors, sanitary operators, personal assigned to the social services and educators in the field of the treatment of the drug addicts coming from five Countries: Ivory CoastNigeriaKenyaTanzaniaMozambique., , , ,

They will be selected through the analysis of curricula that must be sent to the following   

e-mail address:



the formation is progressive and consecutive; it's based on the principle of the understanding the performance and the operativity of drug treatment programs. In order to hold into account the peculiar situations of each country, the  educational plan includes also the arguments that are selected by the participants, during an appraisal carefully structured on the drug problems  and situation in each country (analysis of the social-economic, cultural context).

The  educational methodology includes theoretical and practical approach. It exalts  the  importance  of the interaction within a student group through  the simulations, the role-play, the guided supervision and the  mutual solution of problems.

The participants develop action plans  aimed to resolve organizational problems for the performance of their systems of job. Sessions of job in small groups that are accompanied from lessons on concepts key, opportunities of personal consultation and studies of the dealt argument, will be held. The ACFR's Centers  for the residential programs of drug treatment will be used by the students for the practice educational experiences. Teachers will be expert in the field of drug treatment and prevention programs. Official language will be English.


Training Format

The Training program will take place in Sicily and will be organized in the following format:

The first two-week session will be held in Partinico (Sicily) from April 6th to April 20th.

The second two-week session will be held in Partinico (Sicily) from May 11th to May 26th.

The first two-week session will provide 80 hours of theoretical training.

Tha second two-week session will provide practical activities on conduction and management of drug treatment.


General Topics for treatment training


1)     Understanding the Concept of Drug Demand Reduction

2)     Components of Contemporary Drug Abuse Treatment

3)     Counseling and Psycotherapy for Drug Abusers

4)     Psycopharmacology

5)     AIDS

6)     Special Populations

7)     Drug Treatment Program Management

8)     International Cooperation and Collaboration: rationale and avenues for cooperative endeavors


Some particular  topics

·         To evaluate (especially for the adolescents with short period of life of drug abuse) and   to understand the role of family relationships in the drug abuse; and  also the study of the appropriate strategies for the involvement of the family in the treatment process;

·         Approaches to supply the services in jail for the drug addicts;

·         Techniques for the insertion of the instruction on the AIDS in the regimen of treatment;

·         Development of the programs of recovery of the health and adaptation of the methods to the particular situations of the  participants's countries.

·        Techniques of formation of the makers to multiplying effect.


The participants will have to elaborate  detailed action plans with the aim to start the  drug treatment programs experience, based on the models, the methods and the information introduced during the training sessions.


The participation is completely free. The project will cover all the expenses related to travel lodging and training materials.  


Please contact us mailing  to

Don Vincenzo Sorce,  President of ACFR :

Giovanna Garofalo,